Making children get jabs for common diseases is ‘necessary in democratic society’ and is in their best interests, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday in a landmark decision against anti-vaxxers. 

It’s the first time the ECHR has ruled on mandatory vaccinations for children against common diseases. While the case dealt with the Czech Republic’s laws that require schoolchildren to have jabs against diseases like whooping cough, tetanus and measles, it has implications when it comes to compulsory Covid jabs.

Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, said the ruling reinforces the possibility of compulsory vaccination under the current coronavirus pandemic conditions.

Seasoned observers of the European Court of Human Rights know that it is up to its neck in Soros influence. Here are a couple of things we’ve published from early 2020:

The Grip of Soros on the European Court of Human Rights Revealed

George Soros Controls the EU’s Court of Human Rights, They Admit It Themselves

It indeed remains to be seen what effect this will have on Covid vaccination policy for the rest of us.

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For British readers, we obtained the following from the Jonathan Law channel on Telegram, which explains why the UK’s Human Rights Act 1998 is so critical in this regard, since rulings from the ECHR cannot supersede the Act, nor is there any UK law mandating vaccines:


Dystopian Nightmare as European Court of Human Rights rules Mandatory Vaccination is Legal


In another blow to those fighting for freedom, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that mandatory vaccinations are legal and may be necessary in democratic societies. The ruling has come in response to a complaint made to the court by families in the Czech Republic in regards to compulsory vaccination of children. The ECHR said “the measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society’”.The courts ruling was not in relation to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. However, it has now set a dangerous precedent in which countries can now comfortably believe they are not breaking the convention on human rights if they are to make inoculation with the experimental jabs mandatory.

This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” according to Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR.

The decision said that the compulsory vaccines administered by Czech health authorities were in line with the “best interests” of children. “The objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity,” it added.

The court ruled that the Czech health policy was not in violation of Article 8 on the right to respect for private life in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights. By Czech law, children must be vaccinated against nine diseases including diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and measles. The case was brought to the court by families that had been fined or whose children had been refused access to a nursery for failing to comply with their legal vaccination duty.

The ruling is bound to please Tony Blair who has been working tirelessly to ensure the United Kingdom enforces a “vaccine passport” system. Something which, if it came to fruition, would essentially be a freedom pass.

We know for a fact that the authorities do not want to vaccinate every man, woman and child for the good of their health, as we can see from the data over the past twelve months that this alleged new disease kills only 0.2% of those it infects and the majority of deaths occur in those who are aged over 85 and have underlying health conditions.

Which leads to the question of why exactly do they want to vaccinate every man, woman and child?
(Please comment your thoughts below)

The ruling by the ECHR has set a precedent that obligatory vaccinations may not contravene the European Convention on Human Rights.

When will this dystopian nightmare end?

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  1. HEY YOU MORONS…… You cannot take away someone’s right unless they are your slave. Is that your intention, to turn everyone in your country into slaves of the state? Better watch your stance and your step on enslaving your population. What do you think happens when your slaves revolt, you political fools will be taken to task and then hung from the nearest lamp post just as the Italians did to Benito Mussolini during WW-II.


  2. It’s simple really. They are culling the stupid and the gullible. If you do something Tony Blair wants, you are both.


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